Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Done For The Right Reasons

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Cosmetic Surgery is elective and should be done for the right reasons. Therefore, I believe that Elective Cosmetic Procedures should not be done, purely for the reason of vanity because these surgeries are expansive and dangerous, but with the exception to fix some serious malformation or repair damages from accident or illness. Moreover, these surgeries are related to many risks factors that can cause infection and those infections can change individuals’s life forever because sometimes it can lead individuals toward death. There isn’t any guarantee that these surgeries will be successful or the results will be the same as the patient is expecting. Additionally, there are some specialists taking advantages from prescribing these Cosmetic procedures to their patients, without providing them with all the information regarding danger of procedure and their goals is to earn more money. This physical perfection doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important to understand the cost of the Cosmetic Surgeries as well as the potential risks. Mark Tutton support 's the claim that Elective Cosmetic Surgery is dangerous and it has a lot of risks because according to his article “Model’s death highlights Plastic Surgery risks” Elective Cosmetic Surgical procedures are not just expansive but also has high-risk of infections - infections that can lead towards death. Tutton supports his claim by explaining that “Solange Magnano, 37, died in hospital, after being transferred from a clinic where
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