Cosmetic Surgery: The Cure for Low Self- Esteem? Or are the Risks too risky?

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Cosmetic surgery has been around for decades. As the years went by, new procedures came to surface as well as new surgical tools. The procedures that surfaced became attention grabbing from many people. New and improved procedures and equipment came as more years went by and it grabbed more attention to more people. But is cosmetic surgery the answer to a person with low self esteem? The first American Plastic Surgeon was John Peter Mettauer. He performed the first cleft palate in 1827 with surgical instruments that he designed himself. However, since 2000 BC reconstructive surgery techniques was being carried out in India. A man by the name of Joseph Constantine Carpue performed the first major surgery in the Western World by 1815.…show more content…
Hopefully this will help them be aware what might be the outcome. If I had a procedure done and it turned out not what I expected I would re-do it. This is because if I leave it then every time I see the mistake that was done, I would become more and more sad or even eventually depressed. A lot of people know for a fact that every surgery comes with many risks. The risks involved that are similar to cosmetics general risks are complications with the anesthesia/sedation. This is because a person wouldn’t know if they would be allergic to such medicine unless they have had these same kinds of anesthetic medicine before. Other than that the other way to find out is when they are given the anesthetic medicine and have a reaction to it. The risks of any surgery ranges from anesthesia/sedation complications, aspirations, blood loss, blood clots, etc. According to an article that I read on smart plastic surgery website it stated: Cosmetic surgery has a low rate of complications among board certified plastic surgeons. However, every surgery carries risk. Be sure to discuss the possible risks and complications with your plastic surgeon so you feel fully informed before surgery. It also stated the general risks for cosmetic surgery which are: skin death or necrosis, asymmetry, slow healing, numbness/tingling, irregularities,

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