Cosmetic Surgery and Middle-Aged Women

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Cosmetic Surgery Middle Aged Women An article in the peer-reviewed journal Psychology of Women Quarterly examined the attitudes of middle aged women (between 35 and 55 years of age) by asking 108 women in that age group to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire probed into issues related to women who are getting up in years, including: a) potential body dissatisfaction; b) their physical appearance investment; c) the possibility of anxiety related to aging; d) media exposure (in magazines and on television) (Slevec, et al, 2010, p. 65). The questionnaire also queried these 108 women on their attitudes regarding cosmetic surgery; are they generally in favor or against cosmetic surgery, are they motivated socially to try and improve their appearance, and have they actually considered having this kind of surgery done? The authors' research shows that, without any doubt at all, body dissatisfaction is a motivating factor for women when it comes to cosmetic surgery as the authors put it, "surgical enhancement" (Slevec, 65). Both younger women and middle aged women are having cosmetic surgical procedures done in order to improve their appearance. This is the first component of the presentation "appearance evaluation" and there is no doubt that appearance evaluation plays a powerful role in women's decisions vis-à-vis cosmetic surgery. But regarding the second component, "appearance investment" the degree to which an individual's "…attention, thoughts, and actions
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