Cosmetics’ Green Marketing as the Best Marketing Approach in 20th Century

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MARKETING MANAGEMENT Final Paper Cosmetics’ Green Marketing as the Best Marketing Approach in 20th Century

Written by : KATHARINA DWIARNIE 1157024 International Class BATCH 57 Magister Management Gadjah Mada University 2011

Environmental issues influence all human activities and even more influent the business, especially true in marketing. As society becomes more concerned with the natural environment, businesses have begun to modify their behavior in an attempt to address society 's new concerns, which is the global warming. Some businesses have been quick to accept concepts like environmental management systems and waste minimization, and have integrated environmental issues into all organizational activities. We also
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The reflecting back of heat energy by the atmosphere is called the "greenhouse effect".

Fig. 1: Cause for global warming: Carbon dioxide emissions in million tons per year over the last 200 years. (graph taken from

Global Warming as a Business Risk
Global warming has negative effects on industries. This means that this phenomenon should be considered as forming part of the social and environmental risks that business firms needs to consider in developing their business strategies. If not, businesses would find themselves unprepared for the possible effects of global warming on their operations, profitability and even viability. In the case of the tourism industry, tourism businesses would not be prepared to address the actualization of problems caused by global warming if these firms do not understand the impact of this phenomenon and include preventive plans and alternative solutions in case these effects are actualized. This is to ensure the viability of tourism businesses or if not the shift in business strategy of these firms to adjust to the market and industry changes brought about by the manifestations of global warming. Risk is “the probability that a particular adverse event occurs during a stated period of time, or results from a particular challenge” (1995, ). This could also

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