Cosmetology Is A Challenging Career

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You spend hours studying for tests, quizzes, and State Boards. You work your hardest to learn every aspect of Cosmetology. You spend a total of 1,500 hours on your career--hours of hands-on activity and hours of staring at a book while you mindlessly try to take in all the information being taught. You have to be passionate about Cosmetology in order to make it. You have to be open to criticism and harsh judgement. You have to accept that practice makes perfect. Cosmetology is a challenging career, and most people think you cannot make money off of this career. With time and management, cosmetologists can make a profit through their profession. Many people disagree that cosmetologists can make money off of their career. People believe that it is hard to build up a clientele in a small town because clients are normally loyal to their stylists. On top of trying to build up clientele, a cosmetologist would have to pay booth rent. Booth rent is reserving a spot in a salon by paying a fee every week or every two weeks. This cost can range anywhere from $50-$400 per week (“How Much Does”). Cosmetologists also have to pay for the products they use, therefore, it is argued that they do not make profit. In small towns, prices appear to be lower than what might be found in a bigger city. These reasons are why many people argue that cosmetologists cannot make a profit. In order to make a profit off of Cosmetology, stylists have to be passionate about what they do. Cosmetologists

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