Cosmetology : Old Of The New

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Haleigh Dupuis
Mrs. McCrillis – Byrne
English IV
15 September 2014
Cosmetology: Old to the New Has anyone ever noticed the wackiest or unrealistic makeup, and hair styles that people have, and wondered if they looked in the mirror before they left their house in the morning? Every modern day trend is reflecting back on the stylish ways of the era. Today’s hair and makeup styles generated from years ago and have come back but with a modern twist! Where did cosmetology begin? What advances where made throughout the decades in chemical and technological uses in cosmetology? Also, what are some long term causes and effects that dye chemicals have on us?
Cosmetology began during ancient Egyptian times. Egyptians and Roman men and women founded cosmetology as a way to express their character in everyday life. Cosmetology, during these times, was utilized to beautify and to build self-esteem. It was also used to enhance the characters in theatrical events where men played the role as women. It was during these times, “the coloring dyes and facial makeup were made from berries, the bark of trees, minerals, insects, nuts, herbs, leaves and other materials that were used on the skin, hair, and nails making it more natural” (Hubpages) . Later, in the 1500s and 1600s, “theatre makeup use became more popular as Queen Elizabeth herself was using it regularly” (Leed). Cosmetology has changed drastically over time. Chemicals that are used today show evidence towards causing various types…
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