Cosmetology Research Paper

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My chemistry term paper is about the science involved in cosmetics. Cosmetology is the professional skill of beautifying the face, hair and nails, other things that Cosmetology includes is face washes, tattoos, henna tattoos, deodorant and antiperspirant, sunscreen, lotions and moisturizers, and towelettes. The chemistry involved with these almost everyday products is astounding, the ancient ingredients that they used that are now banned and obsolete, either being too poisonous or the product was replaced with something more healthy and safer to the environment or the skin. Make-up has improved steadily over the years with all the medical and chemical research over the years, from organic and skin sensitive products, to overnight treatments that you could buy at the drug store. Although with new products being…show more content…
Most homemade lotions are made without water, and use a water substitute instead, such as cream, milk, aloe vera, tea, or they leave out the water all together. The lotion that is made without water is made with all oils and wax to hold its shape, these oils include, but are not limited to: coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and fragrance oil. Other option that isn’t made with water is whipped shea butter, as the name implies, whipped shea butter is made by mixing unrefined shea butter oils and essential oils together and whipping it by hand to get a soft fluffy cream that is smooth. Another lotion that is unique is goat milk lotion. This lotion replaces the water with goat milk as the name implies; the properties that goat milk has is astounding. It has better moistrization properties than water, it produces a thicker lotion, and it’s been known to have better healing properties that store bought lotion. Now that I’ve seen all the lotion I can, it’s time to start putting on my
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