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Cosmic Creation Myths Across
Taliah Daniels
December 19, 2012

Cosmic Creation Myths Across
Regarding Creation Although there are a great number of creation myths that are propagated by people of Chinese descent, virtually all of them acknowledge Pan Gu. Those that due generally state that Pan Gu was the first being and that all existence in the universe—especially the earth and the heavens—is comprised of this being. The general story of Pan Gu begins with his conception inside of an egg. In that egg is the yin and the yang, the notion of duality which brings an eternal harmony and balance to life. The egg is a cosmic egg, one of the very first things in existence. Most tradition regarding Pan Gu
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Similarly, in the Hindu myth the bottom portion of the egg descends to form the earth—which also takes place in the Chinese creation myth. It is significant to note that in the Hindu story, this bottom half of the egg is actually silver, which helps to distinguish it from the top portion. The Hindu creation myths also provide significantly more amount of detail regarding the creation and the rebirth of the world and the cosmos. This story posits the notion that the earth has a finite amount of time with which to exist, known as the maha yuga. After four ages of the maha yuga, in which Brahma’s presence and the moral efficaciousness it produces becomes less and less to correlate with a shorter and shorter length of time of the age, the creator of the world becomes its destroyer, sweeping it away with floods and an unrelenting, scorching sun. In summary, the principle point of comparison between these creation stories is intrinsically related to the engendering of the heavens and earth. It is not coincidental that in each myth, an egg was responsible for rendering of both of these places. As noted above, there are other religious similarities between India and China other than their creation myths for the world. This latter similarity, however, is fairly important because it also adheres to the universal motif of a great father who is responsible for the making of both heaven and
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