Cosmogonies : The Creation Of The World

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Cosmogonies play a part in the universe; it’s the creation of mankind and universe myths. These myths portray a part in culture today. “Cosmogonies --- stories about how the world began--- have been told by almost every culture in the world” (23). It affects the western culture and eastern culture and how social order is established. Social order is primary the basis of how humankind operate; it has links to behavior, morals, customs and values. It brings the foundation to mankind as a whole. Cosmogonies have established a lot of set beliefs, morals, and goals for humans.
Humankind cannot lead without example there has to be something that links them to how they organize themselves somehow. For example, the creation of heaven and earth, the belief that creation did not come ex nihilo, or from nothing “Ancient cosmogonies do not usually begin with creation ex nihilo (“from nothing”) (25). The question is always proposed that where has human come from or where has humans learn its social stance structure, and where did religon come from? Was it all intuition?
Intuitions or not these ideals of Cosmogonies exist and it plays a role by invoking people’s cultures such as in religion, Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism, came from cosmogonies and it also brings in social order.
Social order is an idea that is made of from a sequence of age and keeps bringing more ideals to construct a better and bigger social order. The Epic of Gilgamesh has some themes that could play into how humans constructed a better social structure and not only that a religion based on the texts.
Gilgamesh is one of stories that have ideals those thoughts that have to do with how humans constructed society and behave today.
The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story that could be in fact teaches us social order or morals all together. The story has many themes that can be portrayed in today’s life. There are themes such as love, honor, religion, pride, and symbols.
This story is about a god that’s full of pride and is masculine. The god is Gilgamesh and king of Uruk, A god that was born with great arrogance and selfishness. “Gilgamesh sounds the tocsin for his amusement, arrogance has no bounds by day or night” (Sanders 4). Everything he’d done in the
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