Cosmologies Views on Creation

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Anna Iwaniw The Pentateuch Jacob Rodgers 17 September, 2015 Short Paper #1 When it comes to the biblical story of creation, it can be wondered how it was written and told in such detail when there was no people to observe it. There are quite a few possible answers to this question including it being a story passed down through generations, or perhaps God revealed the story to the writer in some way (Schittjer, 2006). One of the theories of how the creation story could have been written is from adaptations of other cosmologies. In this paper, I will look into some of these cosmologies and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between them and the biblical narrative of the creation story. One of the most contrasting…show more content…
The idea of evolution is a direct conflict with the creation of Adam and Eve. The Big Bang is another scientific theory about the creation of earth which doesn’t correlate with a single piece of biblical creation. Another cosmological viewpoint is reincarnation and that everything on earth is reincarnated from living things. This idea could be considered a flaw due because of the question of where did the first created things start if there was no living things to begin with. It can be debated that the different versions and views on creation all come from a similar source that have been changed and distorted to fit the certain cultures beliefs behind it. The cosmologies viewed in nations around Israel share more similarities. This could explain that they come from a similar place with their own cultures twist. Religion has probably the largest effect on cosmologies views on the creation story as it determines specific beliefs and values that include theistic views and the course of life and death. One of the biggest differences between Egyptian and Mesopotamians account of creation compared to Genesis is the amount of gods that took part. Both of the first views have multiple gods that create the world with violence. As we know, the biblical view has out one true God that created the world through his word. In all three of the views mentioned there is a similarity in creation of the
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