Cosmology: The Venus Of Laussel

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Bone and stone carvings from more than 30,000 years ago were used to understand cosmology. The Venus of Laussel is 1.5 foot high limestone bas-relief of a pregnant female with swollen distended breasts, painted with red ochre and a bison horn with 13 cuts. They believe the horn of the woman may represent the crescent moon and that the 13 cuts symbolize a relationship between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle.
According to research, the cross painted in red ochre in the entryway to the Chau vet cave, could be perceived as a representation of the solstice and equinox which marks the shortest and longest days of the year and the beginning of Fall and Spring.
In a solar year, there are 13 new moons and women have 13 menstrual cycles in a
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