Cosmopolitan Essay

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Apart from the words “Cosmopolitan” written at the very top of the magazine and stretched out from one end to the other, the headlines “99 New Sex Facts” and “What Men Find Hot” are also written in a bigger font size than any other headline to attract a certain type of audience. Who is this audience? Well certainly not Granny Lou or 10 year old Roy and Regina. They are supposedly in that age group where they should neither be interested in sex or way passed the age to try on new "sex tricks" created for a younger generation.
“Cosmopolitan,” or “Cosmo” for short, attracts thousands of readers based on their health articles and celebrity articles. But perhaps their articles about love, fashion, and beauty are the most important. Then again,
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Also this headline is the second biggest headline, apart from the actual name of the magazine, which is on the cover of the magazine. The word “sex” is not small or in quotation marks; but, instead enlarged to portray sex as a magnificent activity rather than a scandal or a sin. On the other hand, if a young teenage girl or single woman want to find their “prince in shining armor” then they will probably read the article called “What Men Find Hot.” The words "Hot" in article are all capitalized and colored red to portray passion. Plus, these women want to know about men’s preference towards women's looks. Both of the headlines are also in san-serif form which means that the articles are more informal than formal. This means that the magazine is mostly made for females with an average job than for neuroscientists. Since half of the readers of these types of magazines (females ranging from ages 15-25) are somewhat perky and used informal language like the word “cause” instead of “because” then that informal language in also incorporated in this magazine. Curse words and contractions are listed here; but, they are kept to a minimum since most of the articles are only a couple paragraphs long. All of the articles in the magazines do not surpass three pages. Once again the magazine does not want to bore some of the rebellious and ignorant readers who are looking for a piece of advice; and, not