Cosmopolitanism In Kwame Appiah's Things Fall Apart

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In the novel, Things Fall Apart, power and dignity are very critical aspects of the main character, Okonkwo. These traits, however, were brought up in Okonkwo in the wrong way. Okonkwo suppresses his emotions under a violent image of power and pride. His traits can be demonstrated through the events happening in his life, which include his upbringing of putting hard work and dedication as his first priorities. He acquires a large amount of wealth that he puts towards his family, and expects his children to strive towards the same goal. This expectation represents Okonkwo’s defiance of embracing any ideologies that aren’t his own. In the novel, Cosmopolitanism, the concept represented is to engage readers to understand the similarities and differences that are shared amongst people in the world. The author, Kwame Appiah, states that cosmopolitanism “begins with the simple idea that in the human community, as in national communities, we need to develop habits of coexistence: conversation in its older meaning, of living together, association” (Appiah). The main idea is to learn and understand how the people in the world choose to live their lives by accepting all different kinds of cultures. The basic theme that is found in the novel is acceptance. Comparing Cosmopolitanism to Things Fall Apart can work if there is a connection between Okonkwo’s story and being cosmopolitan. His life could have turned out differently if he would have had acceptance instead of rejection in his
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