Essay on Cosmopolitanism and People

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Alexander Loza Professor: Corissa Eisenman Date: 4/21/2015 The best ways to meet the challenges of community and human Interaction in the Internet Age The Internet is playing a very important role in the evolution of digital technology, but although it has seen remarkable growth over the last few years, its dispersion remains highly asymmetric. It is widely believed that the so called information age will bring radical change and improvement, and countries all over the world are busy with constructing the necessary infrastructure, the "information superhighways," in order to meet the challenges of the information society of the twenty-first century. Kwame Anthony Appiah’s essay “Making Conversation” tell us about human’s conversation…show more content…
Communication is the most important one topic because people communicate no matter what we need communication to express ourselves to others. Appiah said it is more important to communicate one another in person instead of using other networks. The conversation is the first important step to understand others. People of other cultures will then learn to accept the beliefs of others and by “changing our minds”, Appiah makes it clear that conversing with people does not often begin with agreeing on a set of principles, but rather exchanging our ideas and learning from another one. Eventhough, the internet can be helpful with education, it can also be unreliable. However, “The Hive” by Marchall Poe, was the openness of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can use it. This might work for some people specially that ones who attend school or college. This is very helpful for them because in Wikipedia you can search or find anything you would like. Since anyone can write, or delete or use information off of Wikipedia, it makes it less controversial because anyone can put their input into the website. If don’t agree with something, that’s alright because you can add your own opinion. Poe describes how authors of certain wiki pages write with a bias to support their facts. Facts become opinions when feelings and emotions of bias get involved. “Instead of relying on experts to
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