Coso and Coco

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UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE NUEVO LEON FACULTAD DE CONTADURIA PÚBLICA Y ADMNISTRACION LICENCIADO EN NEGOCIOS INTERNACIONALES ACCOUNTIG III FINAL PROJECT Teacher: Marco Arguiropulos Team: Anakaren Ramírez Aguirre. Melissa Tamez Ortiz. Navil Deyanira Vázquez Raigoza. INTRODUCTION This work aims to understand the importance of the internal control in organizations to achieve the objectives established but first we have to know the definition of internal control that is the process, incurred by the board of directors or the administration and other personal that is designed to provide management with reasonable assurance on the achievement of the effectiveness of operations, the reliability of financial information and compliance with laws…show more content…
Information and communication: Process of capture and exchange information necessary to lead, manage and control the operation of an entity. The quality of information as the communication of an entity affects the decision-making in the control of their activities. Main aspects: 1. Information system 2. The delegation of responsibilities for control 3. Organizational communication 4. External communication Control activities: Must be integrated in the process of risk assessment and occur throughout the organization at all levels and all the functions. Such as preventive and detectives vary according to the type of company, depend on the nature of the enterprise and competition, preferences and imagination of the people who design them. The effectiveness of the controls in an entity, decrease the degree of risk of mistakes affecting your financial information. Systems of internal control as well as any company evolve over time. Control activities are classified as follows: 1. Preventive controls 2. Detection controls 3. Corrective controls 4. Manual controls or user 5. Controls in computer of information technology 6. Administrative controls Any of these should be appropriate to minimize the risks Monitoring: It is the process in which the Administration evaluates the quality of implementation of internal control in time and

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