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Cosque Cave

Many, many years ago, a cave was in use, and many paintings, drawings, and engravings were put on the walls of the cave. About ten years ago, a man was diving in the Mediterranean and came across something that no one would ever think about finding. It was a prehistoric painted cave with an underwater entrance. It is known today as the Cosquer cave.

Jean Cosquer, a professional diver, discovered the cave. He was diving for no particular reason, and found a wealth of prehistoric art in the cave. He made this discovery in July 1991, and ever since more and more research is being done on the Cosquer cave. It is firmly dated one of the Paleolithic painted caves in the world.

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Most of the work on the walls is engraved. Charcoal and ochre were preferred drawing materials. Less than one-third of the work in the Cosquer cave is painted, and the rest is engraved.

The walls of the cave are decorated with land animals, seals and auks, fifty-five hand stencils, and a representation of a “killed man.” The Cosquer cave artwork is located more in dark, secret areas and away from the main area of the cave. Thousands of the finger paintings on the soft wall surface are at a height of three to four meters high. This would mean that the artists of this cave would have had to use ladders or a tree trunk to make these markings. The majority of the artwork in the cave is animals. To this date, representations of one hundred and twenty-five animals have been found in this cave. Horses are the dominant animals displayed in the cave. Caprids, goat like creatures, are the second most dominant animals displayed. Red deer are also represented on the walls, but bison are more numerous than the red deer. Researches can not quite figure out where the marine animals fit in with the other paintings and artwork, but there are marine animals painted and engraved in the cave too. However, they are the least dominant animals presented in the cave. Thanks to the twelve-radiocarbon records, researchers were able to figure out that

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