Cost Allocation And Cost Management

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Cost Allocation Almost every single company that is in business faces a serious problem called cost allocation. Every company no matter what they sell or what service they provide faces the problem of allocating costs to defined cost objects. The cost allocation process is a very hard process for most. Cost allocation is a very complex and difficult procedure that requires the application of appropriate accounting procedures. These accounting methods sometimes will not provide objective and fair cost allocation because they have irrational bases that are not always reliable or appropriate. This is why accounting theory and practice steadily try to advance upon methods that are already in place and help develop new ones that could provide objective and fair cost allocation (Perčević & Dražić, 2008). Cost allocation is a very crucial procedure for many companies- not just production companies, but also in companies that provide service. Cost allocation has one purpose and that is to enable the determination of the cost of a product per unit in production companies and the cost of a provided service in service companies. Therefore, methods for cost allocation directly affect the service or product profitability assessment and at the same time sway segment and company profitability. The main problem is the choice of the cost allocation accounting approach. There are certain methods for cost allocation that do not apply the same to every company. If the method for…

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