Cost Benefit Analysis : 6 And Client Server Architecture

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Cost-benefit analysis: 6
Client server architecture 7
Advantages of client server architecture: 7
Disadvantages: 8
References 10

Willowbrook School has been providing elementary education to children for many years and now the school has updated its services to aftercare program in which the school will be providing after care to small kids after the school hours. The school has a good reputation among the elementary schools of this area and is known for its services. All the requirements of the children are taken care of by the school premises. The increase in the enrolments of kids in the school program has made it mandatory for the school to upgrade its system to information system for providing the best services. As the employees of the school are limited, so the work load will now be shared with the help of a new information system in order to make progress and provide best services.

To: Victoria, Director (Willowbrook School)
From: Michael Blatt (Chief Consultant)
Date: 13th Jan, 2015
Subject: Description of strategic planning and steps of preliminary investigation.
Miss Victoria As we have inculcated the program of developing a new information for the Willowbrook School owing to the increase in the work load of the school due to increase in the enrolments of students in the school. Also, the program of after- care program of the school has led to the requirement of IT in the school so that all the aspects of school operations…

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