Cost Benefit Analysis

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“Cost-Benefit Analysis” (e-Activity part I-IV) Scenario; support the reasons for recommending and accepting the financial implications of Project A over the superiors choice for Project B. After reviewing all the information in the e-Activity on the process of capital budgeting it is important to remember the stipulation of the critical acceptance level of 2.75 years and the Internal Rate of Return is set at 12% when making the decision. Project “A” Project “B” Payback Period (PP) = 1.89 years Payback Period (PP) = 3.75 years Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 26.72% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 19.74% Net Present Value (NPV) = $56,922.85 Net Present Value (NPV) = $…show more content…
Ex ante Advantage: The ex ante analysis are that it give the company or organization an idea of what the impact of a program will be once implemented. This can help weigh out the cost over the benefits of choosing the program over another alternative. An example is President Obama’s recent lifting of federal oil drilling regulations. It gave then an idea of the cost (environmental impact) over the benefits (jobs and energy). A pro to support ex ante analysis is that it properly accounts for the risks. Disadvantages: The ex ante analysis requires information that the organization may not have available. This means that large setbacks can occur with limited or inadequate data. Perhaps a good example is our Social Security System. When the program was introduced the expected life span of our citizens was much shorter. Has analysts been able to predict the evolution of modern medicine and technology and incorporated it into their projections, we might not be facing the outcome that is inevitable. Ex post: Advantages: The ex post analysis is used to measure the efficiency of the implemented program. This is an evaluation tool that can be implemented after the project is implemented and up and functioning. This has the advantage of revealing the demand. It can divulge problem areas that will likely affect the future of the project. This can be used as a monitoring instrument on how to
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