Cost Benefit Analysis Essay

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Cost Benefit Analysis: New Orleans Sleeves Project Your Full Name Course Number and Name Professor’s Name University Name Date Cost Benefit Analysis: New Orleans Sleeves Project Decision environment often experience dynamics and swings which create short and long term effect on chances of survival for two alternatives to solve a problem. When faced with a decision dilemma that requires critical assessments, analysis resorts to analytical tools that ensure competitive positioning advantage. However, there must be a clear justification for the decision through review of benefits and projected results of suggested decision. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the cost and benefits of rebuilding the…show more content…
People were screaming for help, it was dark, cold; the water was coming up all around you. In 20 minutes it was right through our house. There were children, pregnant women, terrified, crying for help and there was no one here. We were completely abandoned when the sleeves failed” (Vastag & Rein 2011, p. 76). Besides, this population will lose their investments in terms of homes, farms, and other infrastructure. In addition, evaluation of risks posed by this project is dependent of several factors interacting simultaneously at macro and micro level to create unfavorable conditions for life, investment, and movement of the residents of the surrounding floodplains of New Orleans. These effects include potential casualties, economic losses, and infrastructure damages to a tune of $50 billion. The Mayor of New Orleans City The mayor and the city council of New Orleans have to contend with political and social aftermaths of major projects that affect the residents of the city. Thus, evaluation adopts relative risk analysis which approximates risk level that the project may pose to the city. Notably, qualitative and quantitative judgment techniques are used to rank magnitude and intensity of Hazards in terms short, mid, and long term loses and damages recorded annually by the office of the Mayor. Economically, estimated damage for the aftermath of a hurricane is estimate at thirty five billion
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