Cost Benefit Analytical Reviews For The New Health Care Insurance Package

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To: Department Manager
From: Nowayer Aldosari
Date: October 18, 2015
Subject: Cost-Benefit Analytical Reviews for the New Health Care Insurance Package in Arapahoe County.

Healthcare is expensive and Americans look for the best healthcare they can possibly get. Since consumers are always demanding for better insurance covers, employers are trying to provide the resources that have an effective prices and not raising costs. The Human Resources department in Arapahoe County has recently developed a new health care insurance guide in order to control the County’s rising cost for health care insurance. This project will be experienced on all County’s departments, including Clerk &Recorder 's Office. In this memo, I provide you with a cost-benefit analysis of this new project to change the way benefits are provided on an experimental basis. Based on my analysis, there will be a slight positive return with Benefit-cost Ratio 1.07; however, this new project would be not smart financial decision to be applied on Clerk &Recorder 's Office.

Lately, a guide program for a new health care insurance package has designed by the Human Resources department to reduce the rising cost for health care insurance in Arapahoe County. We have been informed that this program has been designed for employees who presently get their health insurance through the County. In contrast with the traditional health care insurance package, this guide is provided with a choice of a…
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