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Instructions from syllabus: |Individual |Resource: Scenario One: Cost Club | |13 | |Scenario One: Cost Club | | | | | |Consider the facts, issues, questions, and implications of the scenario, found on the student| | | | |website. | | | | |…show more content…
These kinds of acquisitions can cause the company to payout thousands of dollars. Even though we work in right-to-work state, if we go against any law listed under the Title VII of the Civil Right Act will lose this case. In 1991, The Civil Right added remedies to benefit the employees. These remedies were compensatory damages, which employees are “Money awarded to compensate the injured party for direct losses. Compensatory damages may include future pecuniary loss, emotional pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and other no pecuniary losses. Punitive damages are permitted when it is shown that the employer’s action was malicious or was done with reckless indifference to federally protected rights of the employee (Bennett−Alexander−Hartman, 2007; “p” 87). This memo is recommending the general manager of Anderson Cost Club needs to have documents on all his employees. The suggestion for this case will be a lost to us because we have no reason to fired Pablo, his work performance, and attendance was on target. The acquisitions made by Sue have to be proven not true. She also can fall under the retaliation policy. In Message two, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is looking for ways to reduce employee costs. Cost Club workforce is 100% of fulltime and part- time employees. The Chief Executive

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