Cost Of Education In Canada Essay

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Canada has policies like the fundamental elementary and secondary public education is free to all qualified Canadians to bring equity to Canadian citizens (CMEC, 2017). This is aimed to make every child has the same opportunity to get the education. Also, Canada does not have a federal department of education; each province and territory have their own departments for educational management in order to improve efficiency (CMEC, 2017).
In the real life, the demands and the choices people make are closely related to the ability to pay (Pg.111 Adomait, E. and Maranta, R., 2012). Despite the equity of getting the same opportunity to go to schools, there are problems like the educational extras that are affecting the families’ choices. Theoretically, the children from the relatively poor districts have the opportunity to go to the schools in the richer district. In fact, if the educational costs exceed the basic tuition too much due to lots of educational extras are required, it is still a challenge for the needy families to afford the
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Due to the high population density in the urban areas, different provinces and territories have region-specific policies for the education system (CEMC, 2017). It is a way to improve efficiency, since provinces like Ontario would definitely need more schools and resources due to the dense population (Pg.110 Adomait, E. and Maranta, R., 2012). Similarly, jurisdictions like Nunavut would not have high demand and need of schools, because of the population, geography and culture circumstances (CMEC, 2017). The population is related to tax payment, which further influences the funding of education system. Geography matters, since it affects the access of educational resources. Different cultures bring different demands to the education system, such as there may be special needs for first nations due to their own
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