Cost Reduction Using Sd Wan

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Cost Reduction using SD-WAN When compared to a faster though unpredictable internet, the traditional network is known to be consistent and dedicated to perform better. The faster internet virtual private network (VPN) connections provide the best video conference experience when compared to that of much slower dedicated MPLS connections, where we can say with this example that internet VPN has outperformed MPLS most of the time. It is extremely difficult to route the traffic basing traditional policies, as the circuits are not been utilized up to their maximum extent. To achieve this optimal usage we employ the SD-WAN technology solutions which enable the capability of leveraging the exact combination of expensive and inexpensive wide area network connections. The actual complexity lies in policy routing the traffic over best available paths across diverse WAN links that leads to a huge data transmitting issue if we are not having a constant connectivity performance. For instance let us say if the backup traffic is best suited for network internet connection but the voice and video traffic is best suited for a dedicated connection and now if the receiving side of the dedicated connection experiences jitter or delay, it would be a great idea to route voice and video traffic over the internet connection at this moment instead of experiencing the packet loss. Even after collecting a huge amount of flow data to make these kinds of decisions, all the effort goes useless once it
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