Cost and Quality in Healthcare

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Cost and Quality in Health care: Incrisis Hospital has largely been concerned with the increase in the number of calls from its patients about the quality of health care from various departments at the hospital including oncology, X-ray/lab, surgery, and emergency room departments. The health facility is an acute hospital established in 2006 and has been successful in most of its operations despite of the recent increasing discontent from its patients. As part of promoting and supporting high quality of its care services across various departments and improving patient outcome, the facility needs to address this issue. One of the most appropriate measures would include the establishment of quality assurance department through an analysis of costs, quality, and patient outcomes. Link between Cost and Quality in Health care: In the past few years, there have been large and persistent differences in costs and quality in the health care system. These variations have contributed to the performance of several studies to examine the link between cost and quality in health care. Since medical resources are allocated and used differently, health care costs and patient outcomes differ widely as high costs don't necessary result in better car services. However, there is a great link between health care costs and quality of these services on patient outcomes. According to the findings of a research conducted on several hospitals, higher spending is not necessarily associated with
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