Cost of Capital at Ameritrade

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Cost of Capital at Ameritrade
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Formed in 1971 and listed in March 1997, Ameritrade has been one of the most successful players in the deep- discount brokerage sector. Ameritrade’s two major sources of revenue, Transaction income (brokerage commissions, clearing fees, and payment for order flow) and Net interest revenues that were generated from net balance of customers’ brokerage accounts and the investment of customer’s cash segregated in compliance with federal regulations in short term marketable securities contributes over 90% of its revenue.
The company management is now proposing huge capital
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c. Beta estimation - Select of data source Since the company is newly listed in stock market, no sufficient historical data for the calculation of beta, so we selected the comparable companies Charles Schwab Corp (Discount Brokerage), Quick & Reilly Group (Discount Brokerage) and Waterhouse Investor Srvcs (Discount Brokerage). Because the operating business scope and the brokerage revenue percentage to total revenue for these companies are similar to the Ameritrade, we just use these companies’ historical data for the calculation of Ameritrade’s beta. *Note: Although E*Trade (Discount Brokerage) has the similar business scope with the Ameritrade, we excluded this company since the company strategy is not to be a discount brokerage.
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