Cost of College

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Argumentative Essay Ever since you were little, your parents have been talking about this wonderful thing called college. They told you that you have to go there to get an education before you can get a good job. Many kids have dreamed of going to college, and being able to get the job of their dreams. By putting in hard work and dedication to good grades in high school, you had high hopes that you would be able to get into an Ivy League school. The American dream of being able to go to college to get a degree is sliding away from many people due to rising costs. With increasing tuition prices and job loss, the college dream is slowly and surely slipping away from many students and their families. The first step in the college…show more content…
With lack of financial aid students are not going to be able to afford college on their own. They are relying on their parents to help them, but is there anything they can do? In order to get a decent paying job, you have to have a college degree. Many people will not be able to go to college full time because they have to work part-time or full-time to be able to afford college and can not move on to a higher paying job with out it. Low income students have always struggled with college bills. Financial and political forces are making it harder than ever to get a college degree, which is crucial to getting a high paying job (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1). It is extremely difficult to get a job and go to college full or part time, just to have a higher paying job. Many students hope to avoid a soaring loan debt. They work long hours; take courses part-time and are commuting to college rather than living on campus. These compromises greatly reduce chances of earning a college degree in a timely manner if at all (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1). As a result, students must rely on even larger loan debt to get through school. Many students have to put off getting their degree and some never go back to get it. Graduation rates have dropped because of the size of debt that students acquire while at school. Students nowadays are expected to pay all of their tuition with no help. The economy is in horrendous shape and

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