Costa Coffee's Marketing Plan: An Analysis

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Marketing Plan Executive Summary This marketing plan is an attempt to measure the market that Costa Coffee is in and determine where growth can occur over the next three years. This plan looks at how the company is performing internally, and tries to determine issues that may occur externally that could have a negative effect on the company. The Costa mission is to save the world from mediocre coffee, and that sentiment is echoed in everything the company does. The goal of every Costa enterprise is to leave a lasting positive impression. The objectives of Costa's three year plan are to: Expand product offerings. Plant more stores in the Middle East region, India and China. Continue to dominate the UK coffee market. Increase public awareness of social causes in developing nations through the Costa Foundation. Continue to offer better rewards programs, and expand those to markets outside of the UK. Costa can only be as successful as the plan it implements. Saving the world from mediocre coffee and unsustainable practices are goals that must be attained. Contents List I. Marketing Audit A. Market Analysis 1. Micro-environment 2. Macro-environment B. Competition Analysis C. Customer Behavior II. SWOT Analysis A. Product B. Segment C. Overall III. Objectives and Issues A. Sales Objectives B. Market Share/Profit Share Objectives C. Customer Care Objectives D Issues IV. Marketing Strategy V. Marketing Mix A. Product B. Price

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