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Costa Rica, Central America
Weather: 80's - Dry season with little rain
Costa Rica is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. It's filled with beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, lush rainforest, lovely waterfalls and dozens of volcanos. It's known by many to be one of the friendliest locations on earth, being one of the few countries without a standing military force. If these facts don't sell you then knowing that it is also one of the cheapest travel capitals in Central America sure will. There is almost never a bad time to visit Costa Rica but in January it is not only the perfect weather-wise but also in the midst of a Shoulder period making hotel prices and travel cost much more affordable!

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With all these great attractions it's no wonder it is a top honeymoon destination! April is the perfect time to visit Florida. It's right after a busy period and right before hurricane season. It's not too rainy or hot. Like I said, perfect!

Rome, Italy
Weather: 70's - Occasion rain, mostly sunny.
Rome has always been one of the top travel locations. It has gorgeous architecture, intriguing history (and historic places), and amazing sights. It is one of the most culture-rich places in the entire world and no matter when or where you go it's bound to make an amazing trip! With cobblestone everything and delectable food, it is a huge charmer for new couples. Being an extremely popular tourist location, expect to find an extremely tailored experience that you will never forget!

Paris. France
Weather: 70's - On an off rain
Even without all the attractions, events, and food, Paris would still be an amazing place to honeymoon. It is an absolutely gorgeous location known for its art, history, culture, architecture, and delectable French eats. Being one of the top honeymoon destinations ever, it has hundreds of accommodations for new couples to take advantage of. The weather is supremely warm in June but it does rain a fair amount. However, that is a small price to pay for this amazing experience!

Bali, Indonesia
Weather: 80's - Dry season

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