Costa Ric Tension Between Globalization And Local Culture

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Tension between Globalization and Local Culture.
The culture or people practising local culture face extinction from the modern world. The tension was highlighted in Costa Rica. There are people with indigenous knowledge like Don Candido who practice indigenously but face extinction due to modern science powered by globalization. The influx of globalization have affected indigenous local and this have created some tension because there is a sort of competition between globalised methods and local indigenous methods which is increasing tension yearly.

The Opportunities Afforded by Globalization.
Globalization even lead to the birth of Moussa Samir because his mother was a Columbian and father Lebanese born in USA. Globalization offered Moussa …show more content…

The exportation of beautiful hats and different varieties of hats have made anyone in an Akan community wear a hat even wear beautiful hats than the king. Hat wearing or hat ownership was a reserved act for only kings and chiefs but now hats are common for anybody to own in an Akan community. Even currently, no individual can wear a hat in the presence of the king.
The power of kings to banish people have been revoked due to human rights reasons. According to human rights activists, banishment is against the fundamental human rights of an individual, rights to live anywhere and rights to live freely. Someone can disrespect a king and still live in his land because of americanization and rights issues peddled by America. The influx of American political and economic models have made Akan kings and chiefs "useless" just traditional monarchs who deserve to make the …show more content…

Ghana-China textile dispute.
The textile industry in Ghana before 2000 was blossoming and a very attractive business venture. The textile industries in Ghana used traditional designs and making the textiles. Ghana textiles were unique in designs because the designs were traditional and local.
China is 2004 started to make textiles with local Ghanaian designs and export them to Ghana at a price. Because the made in China designs were similar to the made in Ghana design and the Chinese textiles was cheap, people preferred to buy the made in China textiles. This collapsed over 50% of Ghanaian textile companies. In 2009 the late President Atta-Mills banned made in China Ghanaian textiles and directed that if China what to export textiles to Ghana, they should bring in Chinese designed textiles. This move started revamping local textile companies in Ghana. The dispute is still on going because the made in China Ghanaian textiles are exported to countries like Togo and Ivory Coast then smuggled in Ghana. This dispute is yet to be resolved by the two

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