Costa Rica Essay

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American republic located north of Panama and possessing two seacoasts (Pacific-west, Caribbean east). The capital and largest city, San Jose, is located in the central mountain valley. Costa Rica is notable among many Latin American countries for its long-standing democratic form of government. Costa Rica is well known for their hydroelectric plants and agricultural goods.
I. Government:
1) Capital: San Jose
2) Country: Costa Rica
3) There are presidential elections every 4 years.
4) Costa Rica has a Democratic Republic.
a. The president of the Republic of Costa Rica is Miguel Angel Rodriguez. Which is part of the Christian Unity Party
b. Costa Rica is constantly
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a. It’s expected to double in the next few years
3) There are really only one chief language there:
a. Spanish
b. English is spoken in few of Costa Rica’s provinces.
4) The main religion in Costa Rica is Christianity, 95%, but there is a small percentage of other religions like Jewish, and Muslim.
5) After the revolution in Costa Rica in 1948, the island has become a tourist attraction and has gotten many more cultures brought to its lands. The percentage of Costa Ricans in Costa Rica is over 70%, but many people from the other South American countries have imported there for a better life and education.

IV. Customs and Practices
1) There holidays are much like America’s holidays:
a. They have a Christmas and New Year holiday
b. Another important holiday in Costa Rica is Semana Sante or Holy Week.
c. There national holiday is Independence Day, September 15, 1821
d. Festivals of saints are a colorful part of town life.
2) If the persons that are to be wed are Catholic the ceremonies are much like Catholic marriage ceremonies in the US. But on many occasions they are on the beach and have more of a colorful and fun ceremony instead of the traditional black and white wedding ceremonies.
3) Popular instruments are
a. the guitar,
b. accordion,
c. and mandolin.

V. Livelihood
1) Costa Rica’s chief source of revenue is (they make 1.1

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