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Corporate Sustainability Report

January 2009

Table of Contents
Statement from Costco’s Jim Sinegal, President and CEO Statement from Dick DiCerchio, Senior Executive VP, COO Company Overview Business Model Code of Ethics Vendor Code of Conduct Community Commitment Corporate Sustainability and Energy Group Mission Statement Environmental Policy Social & Ethical Sustainability Objectives Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program Greenhouse Gas Reporting Structure Greenhouse Gases in the Inventory Sources of Emissions Carbon Footprint Sustainable Development Construction Mission Statement Warehouse Building Construction Warehouse Site Design Energy Program Respecting the Environment Energy
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It covers the corporate sustainability performance of Costco Wholesale Corporation’s U.S. and Canadian operations for September 2007 through August 2008. Our environmental reporting is still evolving. We recognize the need to report more environmental metrics information in future reports. Charts and graphs and greenhouse gas emission reports in this report refer to calendar 2007 data for Costco’s U.S. and Canadian Operations, as we will publish this information on a calendar-year basis. Inside you will find many examples of Costco’s move toward becoming a sustainable business. We are taking actions across our entire business operations to improve our global stewardship. We are focused on the areas where we have the most impact, including energy efficiencies, environmentally friendly packaging, disposal of waste from our business operations and sustainable products. We are committed to using innovation and sensible environmental steps to grow our business and minimize our impact on the environment.

Corporate Sustainability Report – January 2009


Company Overview
Costco Wholesale Corporation (“Costco” or the “Company”) began operations in 1983 in Seattle, Wash. In October 1993, Costco merged with The Price Company, which had pioneered the membership warehouse concept in 1976, to form Price/Costco, Inc., a Delaware corporation. In January 1997, the Company changed its name to Costco Companies, Inc. On Aug. 30, 1999, the Company
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