Costs and Expense Ratio

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HSM 260 Final Project: Analyzing Financial Statements Content and Development 140 Points | Points Earned 125/140 | | Additional Comments: | The student covers all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way. * The student includes the information from the CheckPoints completed in previous weeks. * The student includes current ratio, long-term solvency ratio, contribution ratio, programs and expense ratio, general and management and expense ratio, and revenue and expense ratio for the years 2003 and 2004. * The student provides a 200- to 300-word explanation of the importance of each ratio for all 3 years listed in Appendix D. * The student includes a statement of whether the organization’s financial…show more content…
& Exp Ratio= Total General & Mgt. Exp. $561,818.00 .28 Total Expenses $1,972,131.00 General & Mgmt and Expense ratio | total general and mgmt expenses | 445,819 | = | 0.23 | | total expenses | 1,972,131 | | | Fund Raising & Exp. Ratio= Total Fund Raising Expenses $115,999.00 .06 Total Expenses $1,972,131.00 Revenue & Exp. Ratio= Total Revenues $2,191,243.00 1.11 Total Expenses $1,972,131.00 Now I will proceed to give an explanation of the importance of each ratio for all three years listed in Appendix D. I will include statements and explanations as to whether the organization’s financial picture has improved or not within the three year period specified in Appendix D as well. Current ratio is a financial ratio that measures whether or not a firm has resources to pay its debts over the next 12 months. Long term solvency ratio is a useful calculation for assessing the long term financial viability of an organization. The

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