Costume And Make Up Design With Hamlet

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I chose costume and make-up design with Hamlet because I love do to hair and make-up. It’s something that a majority of females do everyday. When at a play, the audience doesn’t seem to think a whole lot about the costumes and makeup. Sure they might think, “wow they look nice” or “their costume is so cool”, but they don’t really think about who designs the costumes or does the make-up for the actors and actresses; who creates the look of the character. It’s amazing to me that someone can take pieces of fabric and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece. Costume designers focus on the visual appearance of characters. They also try to make the costumes accessible as possible for the actor or actress, even though sometimes it 's just not the…show more content…
Traditionally, the actors have been responsible for the make-up. In professional theatre, the costume designer often conceives of the actor’s make-up with the design. William Ivey Long is a designer who has designed costumes for over fifty Broadway and Off-broadway plays and musicals. Make-up can have several functions such as characterize, aid expressiveness, restore color, and indicate performance style. The design is usually coordinated through a make-up plot, a chart that records basic information about the makeup of each character. Make-up can be achieved in two different ways. Through painting and through added plastic, prosthetics, or three dimensional pieces. Painted make-up can be divided into four categories such as age make-up, straight or character makeup, racial/ethnic group makeup, and special painted effects. Both costumes and makeup have several functions and use charts to guide their way to success. After reading the chapter, I have learned so many new things. I did not know that costume designers and makeup artists refer to a chart to guide them. I just assumed that they sketch out their ideas and sew the costume together. I also did not know that the actor or actress used to be responsible for their own make-up. The last thing I learned new is that not every costume is
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