Costume In Blood Brothers

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The musical Blood Brothers tells the story of twins, Mickey and Eddie, brothers separated at birth who reunite and become friends in their childhood. Blood Brothers explores the lives of the Johnson and Lyons families, exposing class differences. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lyons are two extremly different women, yet are unable to avoid each other due to the connection the boys share. The differences in lifestyle, values and morals of these two families are stark and tangible. Circle in the Water values this opportunity to explore society and relationships identifying themes that resonate with Hong Kong life.
A particularly effective element of the production was the use of costume. The costumes exposed the time period, transporting the audience back to 1981, immediately involving me in the story. Costume represented the social class the characters belonged to. Mr and Mrs Lyons were rich and had a high social status, their costume established their character; Mr. Lyons was wearing a suit and Mrs. Lyons wore tights and uniform. In contrast, the Johnson family were living in poverty, and this is also shown through the usage of costume. I as audience felt empathy for Mrs Johnson as through costume I could see her financial struggle.
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The narrators symbolised fate and fate is always portrayed as dark, mysterious and slightly evil, with the sense of the unknown and the future. This use of colour symbolism was highly effective. This simplistic but powerful attire certainly made the narrator’s image intimidating at times, and accentuated the characters. The narrator helped create the atmosphere when they told us about superstitions, and foreshadows certain events including the twin’s death. The narrators sang the song ‘Shoes upon the table’, which is all about superstition. Like the chorus and the caricatures, the narrators are omnipresent as they appear at anytime,
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