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| ASSIGNMENT 2 | COTTLE-TAYLOR: EXPANDING THE ORAL CARE GROUP IN INDIA 1. a) What factors determine the demand for toothbrushes? As we read through the case we find there are various factors that influence the demand for toothbrushes which is affected by both social and economical factors. These factors are: * Affordability: The economic conditions that prevail in the markets, this focuses on the amount of disposable income and the income of the consumers and can they even afford to buy a toothbrush or not, so affordability is one of the major factors of demand, as it has been mentioned in the case that even in this new era people are yet using the traditional ways of cleaning their teeth. * Oral hygiene Awareness:…show more content…
b) How can demand be increased? Numerous approaches could be used by marketers to increase the demand for toothbrushes. They could first of all start with creating an understanding and awareness within the consumer market about the utmost importance of oral hygiene through advertisements and promotions, focusing on the benefits of brushing regularly. This could be done by running campaigns on hygiene and oral care throughout the country to create awareness, focusing mostly on families with kids and people with jobs. Another element as mentioned earlier is that affordability plays a vital role on the demand of toothbrushes; so the demand for them can be increased by lowering the prices so the people whose income is not sufficient, or can afford it in their monthly budget can also start purchasing it. Availability plays an important role as well so they can increase demand by making the product accessible for consumers easily in the local markets so that customers can reach it. Price bundling could be also an effective measure taken by the company to increase the demand for the toothbrushes, here the most important factor is determining which product to bundle the brush with and I would suggest coupling with toothpaste so that both the products could be purchased at an affordable price, affecting both their demand and increasing use. 2. How is
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