Cottle-Taylor case analysis

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Cottle – Taloy : expanding the oral group in India
Cottle Taylor was founded as a start hyup company in 1815. By 2009 they boast a product selection of over 200 oral care, personal, care, and home care products. In 2009 roughly 50% of the company revenue ($5.7 Billion) came from emerging markets. In 2009 Sales have grown 80% annually, net income 12% and earnings per share 14%.
India Operations
Cottle Taylor conducts its India operations through a subsidiary of the company called Cotte India. The India operations are solely focused on oral care, which includes toothpaste, tooth powder and dental floss. Throughout India they have a distribution network that sells in more than 450,000 retail outlets.
India Demographics
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Case Analysis
Lang and Patel both have different ideas of what strategy should be implemented in India. The target customer is a major difference where Patel wants to focus on the low-end brushes for first time users, when Lang thinks it is better to concentrate on mid-range brushes and battery operated products for customers with higher income. The three primary messages that the company uses to market their products are:
1) Persuading consumers to brush for the first time
2) Increasing the incidence of brushing and
3) Persuading consumers to upgrade to midrange or premium products.
Patel, who wants to focus on reaching consumers buying the low-end products, essentially needs to imbue most of the advertising budget into the first message, which persuades consumers to brush for the first time. This is because 50% of Indians are not concerned with preventing or curing dental problems, especially in rural areas, if she aims to significantly improve sales she needs to educate these customers on the importance of oral hygiene. By educating this group, Cottle can capture this demographic and make a great profit. It is essential to start with this huge demographic of Indians who do not use tooth brushes to turn them into lifelong customers who will later on purchase more advanced dental products to
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