Cotton Gin Essay

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Cotton was a huge thing for african american that were slaved . Cotton made slavery worse they made more money . More cotton meant more slaves .They need slaves to keep up with the cotton. Also before gin was invented cotton was not a money making crop . Because of how hard it was to remove the seed . And what was worse is that it did not make money. They even needed more slaves to increase the ability of gin. They raised like 700,000. Slaves per year the slaves went up . What was sad is that they split families up , they would get separated . Kids were born to be sold to other plantations . Times like this are very sad . South became the cotton producing of the country . Cotton was easier to grown then tobacco. Tobacco didn’t…show more content…
Cotton gin was short for the definition of engine , the engine separated seed from short staple cotton . It began by putting the cotton bolls on the top of the machine second you turn the handle , which is makes the cotton go through the wire teeth which combs out the seeds. Then it has to be pulled out , out of the cotton gin . Cotton king is an expression used by the south politicians . what was very sad was that slaves didn’t have a normal life like I said before There marriages weren't even marriages because the masters would break that marriage up . And what was worse was that still; beating and whippings were still used on the poor slaves. Slaves tried to escape but it made things worse , slaves who tried to escape or who didn’t do the work that was told or did it wrong were punished sadly either sold away from their families or what happened most killed . Slaves worked all day since the sun rise to the sun down . when the moon was full enough light they also worked all night . slaves prefered no full moon.The people who owned the slaves took turns to rape. Cotton fabric was very expensive due to the high production .Cotton production became common in the deep south Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.The dependency on the poor slaves increased. And all of this was to blame the cotton gin . The northern part of the usa bought lots of cotton which helped them build more textile mills . but what sucked for the south was they had
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