Cough And Reflux Case Study

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CC Kim is a 44-year-old female here today complaining of cough and reflux. HPI The patient tells me she actually been doing well from a GI standpoint. She was evaluated by Brian Hyett, MD again regarding her chronic reflux. She tells me she underwent an EGD, however I do not have the results of that testing. She also had a breath test for bacterial overgrowth, which she reports was positive and she was placed on Xifaxan for three weeks. She says that she was completely well for several weeks. She has been able to stop the Zantac, but has remained on the Dexilant with the hopes that she would be able to taper down and stop that completely. Her plan with Dr. Hyett was to do that this past Sunday. However, her symptoms started in the mean time, and she did not feel comfortable doing so. She tells me that her symptoms started at the end of last week. She happened to get an allergy shot…show more content…
We did discuss that it is possible that this is all completely related with the reflux causing the cough. She plans to speak with Dr. Hyett about this and whether he wants to repeat the Xifaxan or what his plan might be. We are also going to request the results of the study that she had with Dr. Hyett as I do not have those for the chart. She is going to do a PA and lateral chest x-ray, as well as some laboratory studies for me and I will review those results with her when available. Certainly should her symptoms worsen acutely, she will seek care immediately, if necessary, if her respiratory status worsens. She will contact me for the results of the testing, if she has not heard from me in a timely manner. She requested if we are doing blood work anyway to have her CBC levels checked, as she has been previously anemic, though her most recent studies in May were improved. She is comfortable this plan. She will contact me with any other questions or concerns. All questions
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