Could We Live Witouht Tv ?

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Opinion essay Topic: TV: could you live without it? Azizov Saidkabir 20102070 Have we ever asked ourselves “Could we live without television? Do we know what kinds of programs our children are watching? How do they influence to our personality?” Television is an information channel and telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving images, pictures, animations, and movies from a long distance. Television has a variety of programs. Programs on television are supposed to be entertaining for all ages. But in my opinion when you watch television excessively, it is less likely to be beneficial. I believe that the time people watch television should be strictly limited-for the sake of health, education and child…show more content…
I never believed that television is truly harmful for eyes, and that focusing your eyes too long on any one thing can cause eye strain (asthenopia). describes eye strains as the “fatigue of the eyes, such as that caused by reading or looking at a computer screen for too long.” ("Eye strain." The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English. 2009. Retrieved September 27, 2010 from There are also other causes for asthenopia for example when a person sits on a floor and watches television, with his head tilted up. Basically, we have to be careful about watching television when we are sitting too close to it. It is better and safer to sit further away from the television when you are watching it, or not to watch it excessively. A final, yet serious result of watching too much television is its link to obesity. Watching television does not add on calories to your stomach, but it does absolutely nothing to help you burn them. As you sit there, watching your favorite shows, you are not doing anything to burn the calories you ate earlier. So, eating foods while you are sitting in front of the television for a couple of hours everyday add a lot of calories to your body which may be a large reason of becoming fat. In a study described by Gabe Mirkin, M.D., in the Journal of

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