Could You Imagine Consecutively Running For An Hour And

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Could you imagine consecutively running for an hour and a half just for an exhilarating moment, maybe once or twice throughout the whole game. This soccer subculture loves the game and would do everything they can to prosper. You don’t perceive a soccer team being a subculture, but many don’t know the rituals and the hard work put behind it. Interviewing people from distinctive views of soccer helps get a better understanding of how certain people from recreational league to college think about soccer. With soccer being more of an international sport, most Americans don’t know about the culture or where soccer originally came from, this will allow a lot of Americans to almost learn a special background and value this sport from more a…show more content…
(thoughtCo 2017) What do you know about Soccer? What are the basics? Anyone can study something about anything if they understand the fundamentals of what it is. Why would you play a game for 90 minutes with barely any reward other than maybe 2 or 3 goals the whole game? In order to play this game, it takes discipline, if you were to mess up numerous times throughout the game, it could be the difference in winning or losing just similar to any other sports game. Being able to participate in a numerous amount of sports personally is a great milestone. From contributing in so many sports, I have not played or tried to participate in the sport. Being an outsider, I could absorb so much about not only the activity, but the culture of the and how they interact within the subculture. I recognize very simple rules of soccer only because of the video game FIFA, which is a very enjoyable game, but does not explain any basics or rules of soccer whatsoever. Ashton Adams, who plays for the Women’s soccer team at. Georgia Southern says “I just love the thrill it gives me. I know most people think soccer is boring and not much goes on, but it’s just understanding the game and a team as a whole striving for one goal.” (Adams 2017) Getting a different perspective on playing I asked Jacob Vaiden who is freshman and has gone through his first season. “So competitive and with it being a low scoring game whenever you score it’s such a big deal and
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