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Research Paper: Ethical Dilemas in Counseling Liberty University Abstract Ethical dilemmas will be a constant as we embark into the field of counseling. Whenever human beings are involved there are a range of personality types, beliefs and characteristics that are involved. There are many views of counseling but it is very important to have a world view which captures the gamet of individuals. To be a professional counselor it is important to first know who you are, what your motivations are and morals. A counselor has many roles; they provide guidance, structure, spiritual guidance and counseling. The counselor has a huge respionsibility which includes making clear unbiased judgements, listening without persuading, acountability for…show more content…
“victims”. This job is not for everyone; for instance a person with anger, unresolved issues and habitual relationship conflicts may not fit the role of a “good counselor”. A counselor would be one with inner peace, spirituality, unselfishness, and stable Frank Parson is considered to be the “father of counseling”. In the early 1900’s this profession was introduced. It was primarily a “vocational” development profession that assisted in employment assistance and employment education. It slowly evolved with the help of Carl Rogers and other theorists as a more humanitarian side was explored. Most Counselors were school counselors, teachers and seen as disciplinarians. In the 1970’s the first mental health counselors emerged. In 1989 twenty two states recognized mental health counselors and by 2003 forty eight states recognized the field. From this phenomenon came specialized fields of counseling: marriage and family counseling, psychiatry, clinical psychology, counseling psychology and clinical social work. In the year 2000 on, a new emphasis was on “counselors dealing with crises”. Trauma and tragedies emerged with heightened violence in the schools and terrorist attacks. Following the growth of counselors came professional organizations in support of this
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