Coun 521 Psychological Report

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Practice Psychological Report for
COUN 521
Catherine Kleinschmit
Liberty University

Psychological Report
Name: Kimberly Ann Brown
DOB: May 31, 1966 Age: 48
Gender: F
Address: 595 Seventh Ave, Atlanta, Ga. 30258
Phone number (s): Home- 404-678-1275, Work 404-478-7887
Emergency Contact: Shawn Brown, husband. 404-601-4582 (cell)
Therapist: Catherine Kleinschmit, LMFT
Date of Assessment: February 3, 2015
REASON FOR TESTING: Kimberly came to Touch of Healing Counseling Center as a referral from Oak Park Church. She is being considered for the position of senior pastor at Oak Park Church. The leadership team of the church requested she be evaluated for suitableness for the position of senior pastor.
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The HS has an overall reliability score of .85. The instrument was given to Kimberly to see if she could be able to meet the demands of pastoring, as it can be highly stressful. Kimberly reported that a source of stress for her at her current position is dealing with difficult people. The position of senior pastor will demand that as well. The assessment reports “in stressful situations, hardiness has been shown to be associated with high levels of well-being.” The HS does not have norms reported as of the writing of most recent volume of The Measures of Clinical Practices and Research: A Sourcebook, Fifth Edition. This is the source from where the instrument was taken. The instrument does, however, report “higher scores indicate more hardiness.” Kimberly’s overall raw score on the HS was 171, with a total raw score of 225 available.
Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) The DAS is a 40-item assessment that measures cognitive distortion. The items of the DAS represent seven value systems: approval, love, achievement, perfectionism, entitlement, omnipotence, and autonomy. The DAS is a Likert-type scale, from one to seven, with one representing “totally agree” and seven representing “totally disagree.” The DAS has a mean score of 113. Scores range from 40 to 280, with lower scores equaling fewer cognitive distortions. Kimberly’s raw score on this assessment was 177. Kimberly was given this assessment to determine her ability to fit into the position

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