Counseling : Advice, Exploration And Assistance

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Step IV: Advice, Exploration and Assistance Mentoring -
Business mentors are advisers, counselors, or guides who have business knowledge and experiences and are willing to provide advice and guidance and assistance. They are people with specific expertise, knowledge and business relationships. A business mentor normally has extensive business experience or is knowledgeable in a particular business area, such as finance or marketing and is willing to share what they know with those who ask for assistance. They provide a source of expertise, experience and support and serve as advisers and role models for mentees. They share their knowledge, experience, and can be valuable sources of information at any stage of your company 's growth.

Most business mentors have solid business experience, they recognize the challenges that businesses face and serve as valuable mentors for solving issues or conflicts. Business mentors work with you in a supportive way and have many benefits for your business and for you personally. Some of the many benefits that may be relevant to you are:
Focus on your agenda
Discuss your business with you
Ask your questions to widen your understanding
Listen to you
Provide feedback
Bring a different perspective
Help you sort out the many and complex issues of running a business
Share their knowledge and experience with you
Support, motivate and inspire you
Offer an outside perspective on both you and your business
Listen, confidentially, to the things…

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