Counseling And Delivering Services Under The Best Practice

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Evidence Based Practice
Shallan Jones
Walden University

Evidenced Based Practices

Counseling and delivering services under the “best practice” should always be the goal of a practitioner. In a field such as counseling, where the lives of others are being impacted, making specific choices on how to deliver services, and making a choice to choose one form of therapy over another is pertinent to not only the successful rehabilitation of a client, but to also ensure the longevity of yourself as a practitioner and as a counselor. Practicing techniques or alternative forms of therapy which are based off of literature which is not evidenced-based can lead a practitioner to unethical practices which can eventually mean revocation of licensure and the closing of one’s practice or otherwise loss of employment. According to Laureate Education, evidenced based practice decision making is comprise of three parts which are a) patient characteristics, culture, and preferences, b) best available research, and c) clinical expertise. Being a practitioner which follows evidence based practices will make for the most effective and ethical practitioner (Laureate Education (Producer). (n.d.). Using these three factors, a clinician can make an effective decision when all three parts overlap and are evident (Laureate Education (Producer). (n.d.). It takes a skillful individual to look at each of these factors to determine if the information qualifies as research before the research is…
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