Counseling And Parent Support Workers At Together Lives Change ( Tlc )

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1. History of Agency: Since 2007, the dedicated counselors and parent support workers at Together Lives Change (TLC) have been supporting families by helping to provide support planning and family asset management. Their goal is to help families find better ways to manage family life. They assist with preventing or eliminating the need for out of home placement of children by enhancing parental functioning.
The agency’s mission is to strengthen and improve lives with a strong emphasis on prevention and intervention while meeting the unique and concrete needs of an individual or family by reinforcing positive behavioral changes. They strive for excellence through accountability and exceptional work ethic. TLC believe that honesty and dedication is the foundation for success of under privileged families. They are passionate about rebuilding the family structure by strengthening, assisting and resolving all community based needs.
2. Board of Directors: Mrs. Tiffany Hassell-Gregory is the founder and Director of TLC.
3. Sources of Funding: Each program within TLC funds itself. The only program funded by Medicaid is Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT). All the programs within TLC are funded through the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) or the Community Assessment Team (CAT) which is Child Service Act (CSA). The Virginia Comprehensive Services Act provides for the pooling of eight specific funding streams to support services for high-risk youth. These funds are returned to

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