Counseling Challenges For Gays And Gays

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Running Head: COUNSELING CHALLENGES FOR GAYS AND LESBIANS 1 Counseling Challenges for Gays and Lesbians Rodney B. Platthy Marshall University COUNSELING CHALLENGES FOR GAYS AND LESBIANS 2 In order to effectively treat members of the LGBT community, we must look at historical, political, and personal history to help us understand the fears and secret issues the individual or group may have and how it evolved. Historical records indicate homosexuality has existed since the dawn of creation. However, it was not known by the same name, nor was it as controversial as it is today. Interestingly, homosexual men are referred to as gay, while women are usually referred to as lesbians. The etymology of the word stems from old French, gai. Originally, it referred to happy, fun loving people, but later referred to men who slept around with a lot of women. Over time it evolved to mean men who slept with other men, and eventually was embraced by the homosexual community as preferred over the term homosexual, (Today I Found Out, 2010). The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks have tons of literature to suggest that homosexual and lesbian lifestyles were commonplace. Furthermore, the Greeks are noted for their orgies. The bible has tons of references to gay and lesbian lifestyle. However, in that era, it had taken on a characteristic of being associated with evil perverseness, and in direct disobedience to God.If you go back farther, you can find cave drawings depicting sex acts between men. The

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