Counseling For Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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In Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the need to use different techniques is an integral part of the process. Working with an individual that is either entering into recovery or actively in recovery, the clinician must take their time with introducing the 12 Steps. The individual may not be open to the 12 Step philosophies at the onset. Addiction is very complex and actively affects the person on a daily basis; therefore, it is so important to start from the beginning of counseling to create a structured program. Alcoholics Anonymous has given a wonderful platform of structure for the addicted ones to create a safe, solid, 12 Step guideline to follow, in order to maintain “Continual Sobriety,” “One day at a time.” Many counselors…show more content…
Some of these false beliefs are that 12 Step programs are “Cults,” they are for old people, they are religious, they brainwash people, sometimes they make you want to drink or use after going to a meeting. These notions are false and inaccurate. It is usually individuals that have gone to the meetings for a short amount of time and they are unable to sustain consistency. These individuals do not get involved in service and they often return to using drugs or drinking again due to “not being done,” with using substances. In the therapy interaction, these misconceptions must be heard by the therapist and given ample time in counseling to talk about and “unpacked,” for further qualification. This may take time and patients to hear these feelings and to process with the client. In facilitating effective treatment while counseling, it is imperative that a person be listened to and validated for their feelings. It is the counselor’s job to find an “opening” to interject and challenge the client to see how thorough they were in their attempt to gain sobriety. Usually in doing this, the clinician is able to allow the client to see some of the “half-measures” they took at these past attempts and failures. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in “How it Works,” it reads, “Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point, we asked His protection and care with complete abandon. These are the areas that allow
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