Counseling For Her Increasing Drinking Habit By Her Husband Essay

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Introduction In this case study, a woman was given an ultimatum to go to counseling for her increasing drinking habit by her husband. The woman describes herself as a working mother and wife that occasionally drinks to decrease her stress level. She views it as way to unwind but her husband feels that it is unhealthy. During the session, the client comes off as defensive and is reluctant to change her thought process of her drinking. The counselor confronts her about her faulty thinking and pushes her to grasp the drinking as a problem. Although the client is still hesitant to address the issue, she does realize that she has much to lose if she doesn’t, and agrees to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. GA State Board Rules/Regulations By agreeing to take on this client, the counselor agrees to have a responsibility to the client. By having this responsibility, Rule 135-7-01 of the GA State Board Rules & Regulations (2016) states that the counselor must try every realistic effort to encourage the wellbeing, autonomy, best interests of families and individuals, which also includes respecting the rights of those seeking assistance, obtaining informed consent, and making realistic efforts to be certain that counselor’s services are appropriately used. One way this rule could potentially be violated is if the counselor does not offer an alternative treatment for the client if she continues to be uncomfortable with attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It is

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