Counseling Interview Paper

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Counselor Interview Paper Jessica Peacock

I plan on going into the School Counseling field, so for my interview I went to a long time family friend Kay Weems. Kay is a school counselor currently at Madison Station Elementary, but she has 19 years of experience at different levels of education in counseling and in different environments as well. She also was an elementary teacher for 10 years prior to becoming a school counselor. Kay went to school at Mississippi State and received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in special education. She went on to obtain her masters degree in special education. After school she taught at the elementary level for ten years so she has plenty of experience with children ages
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We talked about the staff structure, but Kay, like most school counselors, is the only one at her school. She works close with teachers, office staff, and the school nurse as well. She said she personally likes being the only counselor in her setting. I do know that at many high schools in the regional area there are as many as four school counselors in one school. I asked Kay about her knowledge of current global issues, and she only mentioned cyber bullying. She said that there are so many problems with kids being bullied over the internet out of school and it is causing problems inside the school. She said that this has definitely become more prominent in the past five years and fears how much worse it can get. She didn’t mention any global issues other than that though. Kay has improved many more lives than she has told me about but what she has told me has amazed me. She has a love for helping children and that is such a gift. When I look at the profession I think that the rewards outweigh the struggles and I am excited to see what this career path has for me in life. I have always wanted to work in the school district just as my mom does. While talking with Kay I could easily see the passion she had for this career, it seems as though she wakes up liking to go to work unlike many people in the world today. I have learned a lot talking to her and would be interested in sitting in with her one day while she does her daily work as a school
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